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Foreskin restoration
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This website has been up for a year and two months and has attracted over 360,000 visitors from over 90 countries. The two charts below show the top ten visitor countries. By a straight count, the majority of visitors come from the United States, but adjusting for population, the most represented country is Australia:

Straight count
1.United States46.14%
2.United Kingdom  9.37%
9.South Korea1.29%
10.South Africa1.19%
Adjusted for population
2.New Zealand6.30%
4.United Kingdom  5.41%
5.United States5.32%
9.United Arab Emirates2.88%

The next chart breaks downs the top three geographically large countries by region, showing the most represented state or province of each both by straight count and when adjusted for population:

Country Count Adjusted
United StatesCalifornia13.46%District of Columbia  4.61%
CanadaOntario44.52%Nova Scotia  11.79%
AustraliaNew South Wales  32.80%Queensland  17.98%

Around 50% of visitors stay for a minute or more and around 20% view the entire website, including the videos and animations. The most common referrer is a Google Images search for "foreskin restoration".

(Charts last updated on September 1st, 2011)


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What best describes your interest in foreskin restoration?

I am considering foreskin restoration
I am planning to begin foreskin restoration
I have begun foreskin restoration
I have partially completed foreskin restoration
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Have you ever attempted foreskin restoration before? Why did you stop?

I have never attempted foreskin restoration
My method did not work
My method worked, but I lacked time/motivation
I was incapacitated (medically, etc.)
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What is the primary reason you want to restore your foreskin, or what was your primary reason if you have already completed restoration?

Functionality (gliding, etc.)
Sensation/sexual gratification
Personal growth/fulfillment
Other reasons
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When where you circumcised?

I was circumcised as an infant
I was circumcised as a child
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What was the reason for your circumcision?

I know of no reason
I was circumcised for medical reasons
I was circumcised for religious/cultural reasons
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What is your age?

19 or younger
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On this website, what do you find the most helpful?

The text
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If you have restored or are in the process of restoring your foreskin, would you be interested in submitting your story?

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Although non-surgical foreskin restoration has been practiced since antiquity and modern tape-based techniques like the method described here have been successfully implemented for over twenty years, the information on this website should not be construed to be medical advice. Consult with your physician if you have any questions, concerns, or problems.