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Foreskin restoration
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I was cut a birth and had no idea what a foreskin was, being from the bush and the population in the closest town less than 5000, everyone I knew, family and friends other blokes at the footy club, were circumcised too. At primary school, I had noticed that the boys from Italian and Greek backgrounds new to the area had penises different from everyone else, but I thought it was because of where they come from. It wasn't till high school in a sex ed. class I learned the horrible truth. I was the one who was different, seeing pictures of what was done shocked me. Why would they do this to a man. Years latter, I read a story in a men's magazine about foreskin restoration was excited to hear you could get back your foreskin, so with a picture of a P.U.D device in hand, I set out to make my own device. I tried on and off for six years or so with no success and no patience. One year ago, I bought some different devices off the internet and modified them to suit me. After the first month of my glans being covered 24/7, the sensation was incredible. Three months and the skin had grown enough as so not to be painful on erections. I am now nine months into full time restoring, skin covers 60% of my glans when I sit. I know I have a long way to go but the results so far have been great.



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Although non-surgical foreskin restoration has been practiced since antiquity and modern tape-based techniques like the method described here have been successfully implemented for over twenty years, the information on this website should not be construed to be medical advice. Consult with your physician if you have any questions, concerns, or problems.