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Foreskin restoration
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I was circumcised at birth like most Australian boys in the 1950's. As in the other stories, at about age 8 i noticed one boy in our class had a different look. When I asked my mother why my penis was different, I was told "the tip had been cut off to keep it clean because if I had to fight in a desert war I would be better off without it". From about age 40 I started to notice a gradual loss of sensitity over the years making orgasm though intercourse more difficult and now at age 60 less and less likely. In my quest to restore sensitivity, I have tried taping and the TLC tugger, both produced a small but noticable result after a couple of months. Unfortunately for me my skin kept coming out in a rash with both the tape and the plastic of the tugger. So I am looking for another method.



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Although non-surgical foreskin restoration has been practiced since antiquity and modern tape-based techniques like the method described here have been successfully implemented for over twenty years, the information on this website should not be construed to be medical advice. Consult with your physician if you have any questions, concerns, or problems.